Vendor Aggrement


This Vendor Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into between Medimed Healthcare ("Referred as Company/Firm/Medimed/Medimed Healthcare later") and Vendor ("Vendor") on the date when vendor registers with Medimed.

    1.1   Vendor for the purpose of this agreement is any entity who registers as Service Provider with Medimed Healthcare as Hospital, Clinic, Labs, Diagnostics, Pharmacies etc, in the prescribed link described later in this agreement. Hospital is any entity who offers Doctors Consultations (Both Online &Offline), Conduct Surgeries, Admit patients for Treatment, Do Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Sale Medicines. Clinics are those entity who offers Doctors for Consultation (Both Online &Offline). Labs/Diagnostics are those entity, who do Medical Laboratory Tests including Pathology, Hematology, Radiology etc. Pharmacies are any entity who sales Medicines.
    1.2   User are any person/Organization, who access the Services of Vendors through Medimed Platforms. Peripheral Agents also for the purpose of this agreement shall be taken as User.
    2.1   Medimed Healthcare offers various services for Healthcare service Provider, as detailed later in this agreement and vendor by means of Registering through Registration form subscribed to the services in exchange of Charges levied by Medimed Healthcare.
    2.2   Medimed Healthcare is not a service provider. It is just a platform. Medimed is not responsible for any deficiency of service at the end of Vendor. Vendors shall be responsible for any deficiency of service in terms of Services they provide.
    This Agreement shall commence on the Date when the vendors Registers with Medimed and shall remain in effect till Medimed Terminates this agreement as per Termination clause of this Agreement.
  4.  REGISTRATION OF VENDOR: Vendor Registration can be done only by visiting the link or and that follows or by means of Offline Agreement between Medimed and Vendor.

             Services offered by Medimed for Vendors: Detailed in Annexure-A.

           6.1  Charges levied by Medimed from Vendor is Detailed in Annexure-B.
            Medimed shall generate Daily/Weekly/Monthly bill with the charges and Vendor are to pay the Bill in the time frame mentioned in the Bill/Invoice. Under no circumstances the Bill payment              shall be paid after 7 days from the issue of the invoice. Any query/Dispute thereof shall have to be settled within 7days of issue of the Bill/Invoice.
           6.2  Any payments received by Medimed on behalf of the vendor shall be transferred to vendor on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. Vendor need to raise complain within 7days, for any failed                      transfer. Complain are to be raised in the option available in the menu of Vendor admin panel or by email to

             7.1   Medimed is a platform of many vendors. Medimed is committed to showcase the vendor with good look and value. Any bad quality service by vendor shall harm the image of                                   Medimed and thus other vendor who are associated with Medimed, therefore vendor are to provide best quality service to the vendor. Vendor need to respond to the                                               Bookings/Orders/Queries within stipulated time frame. For delay in response, Medimed may suo moto Cancel the Bookings/Orders/Queries assignment to the vendor and/Or                                 reassign to other Vendor. Medimed may charge penalty on vendor for delay of response and that is connected to the service quality of Medimed to User.

              7.2  Vendor must have legal documents as desired by law of the land. Medimed under no circumstances shall be responsible for deficiency of such legal Documents.

              7.3  Vendor must ensure that authentic information only given to Medimed, Like Doctors Details, Service/Packages details, Lab Diagnostic Details, Medicine etc Details. For any wrong                         information, the vendor shall be responsible.


             The vendor while registering with Medimed shall give a OTP verified Mobile No. The owner of the Mobile No shall be responsible person, for the purpose of execution of this agreement.


             Any intellectual property rights associated with services offered by Medimed Shall remain the property of Medimed. The Vendor shall not acquire any rights, title, or interest Medimed's                   intellectual property, except as expressly stated in this Agreement.


              10.1 Both parties agree to treat any confidential information exchanged during the course of this Agreement as strictly confidential. Such information shall not be disclosed to any third                            party without the prior written consent of the disclosing party. This obligation shall continue even after the termination of this Agreement.

               10.2  User Data shared by Medimed with vendor for the purpose of fulfillment of services provided by Medimed to the User, Must not be used for any purpose other than the purpose for                          which shared with the Vendor by Medimed. For any leakage of user data by Vendor or by their Staff, Vendor shall be responsible and shall be answerable to the law of the Land.

         11. TERMINATION

                Medimed can Terminate the Agreement at any Time without citing any reason thereof. If any financial due remains at the time of Termination of this agreement, shall have to be settled                  within one week of termination of the agreement by both Medimed and the Vendor. Medimed may Suspend, hide profile/Account of the vendor at any time without citing any reason                        thereof.

          12. GOVERNING LAW
                 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Assam, India without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

           13. ENTIRE AGREEMENT
                 This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Medimed and the Vendor and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or verbal, relating to                    the subject matter herein.

            14.  Medimed may change any terms of this agreement at any point of time and shall be uploaded in the website at Vendor shall be intimated for any                     such updation through SMS/Email. For vendor not agreeing with the updated terms may raise complain within 24hours of such updation. Previous terms shall remain in effect for that                     24hours. For not raising any complain thereof shall be taken as acceptance with the updated terms.

            15. For any dispute or Confusion, Decision of Medimed will be final.



                                                                                                                     (Services offered by Medimed for Vendors)

  1.   For Hospitals:
    Hospitals Can showcase their Doctors, Departments, surgery packages, Ambulances for information and appointment booking for user and large network of Medimed peripheral agents .
  2. For Clinics: 
    Can showcase their Doctors, Departments for information and appointment booking for user and large network of Medimed peripheral agents
  3. For Lab-Diagnostics:
    Lab/Diagnostics Can showcase their Tests digitally and take sample collection requests online. Diagnostics can take slot bookings for USG,CT etc tests and help their patients to avoid long waiting hours\
  4. For Pharmacies:
    Pharmacies Can showcase their stock digitally and get online orders directly from their customers and also assigned orders from Medimed. Using second round sale of medicine concept, pharmacies can increase their sales manifolds.
  5. For Individual Doctors: Individual Doctors Can lists them for online consultation 24x7 and can get patients online at time he makes himself available for online. Any Doctor/Specialist making himself available for online at night time can get huge extra earnings. Such Doctor have to register under Clinic category with requisite information and shall abide by terms of Clinics.
  6. For Home Nursing Care Service providers: They can lists theirs GNMs/ANMs, with pricing details and thus get bookings through Medimed and thus enhancing their business. They have to register under Service Category and shall be abide by terms of Clinics/Hospitals.
  7. Ambulance Service Provider Can showcases their stationed ambulances with exact location and thus gets huge number of genuine leads as People along with searching specific hospital ambulance also searches for independent Ambulances. They shall be guided by terms of Hospitals.
  8. Physiotherapists Can showcase their In clinic availabilities and their home care services, which will enhance their earnings manifolds. They shall be guided by terms of Clinics.


Items Incentives(In Rs.)
   Services     Price(In Rs.)
    Registration Fees    Free
    Doctor Appoinment Booking (Clinic with Pharmacy Setup)    129/  Availed Booking                                       
    Doctor Appoinment  Booking (Clinic Without Pharmacy Setup )    40/ Availed Booking
    Doctor Appoinment  Booking(Hospitals)     229 / Availed Booking
    Doctor Appointment Booking(Online Consultation)    49/ Availed Booking
    Medicine Self Pick Up    2.5% of the Order Value
    Medicine Vendor Self Delivery    2.5% of the Order Value
    Medicine Delivered by Courier partner    10% of the Order Value
    For Low Margin Products like Baby Food    2.5% of the Order Value
    Service/Packages Booking like GB Surgery etc    10% of the Value
    Lab Sample Collection    Negotiable
   Diagnostics Slot Booking    Negotiable
   Ambulance Booking     Rs. 49/Booking and Rs. 2/km
   Home Services     10% of the value

*With Separate agreement between Medimed and Vendor, this Annexure may be superseded.